Bills in the Federal and State Legislature you should know about.

Legislative Report – June 19-2017



Affordable Care Act (Section by section analysis)



Assembly Bill 362 (Ting)  Employee tax relief for additional income to cover same-sex and domestic partners
Assembly Bill 1000 (Wieckowski) Direct Access to Physical Therapist Services
Assembly Bill 1083 (Monning)  Small Group Market Reform
Assembly Bill 1180 (Pan) HIPAA and ACA compliance conformity

Senate Bill 161 (Hernandez) Employer use of stop loss policies
Senate Bill 353 (Hernandez) Non-English language notices and plan materials
Senate Bill 639 (Hernandez) Deductible and out-of-pocket limits

CAHU 2013 Priority Bill Review
All bills that are indicated as being “signed by the governor” or “chaptered” will take effect 1/1/2014
Bills that are indicated as being “2-year” bills, did not pass this year, but may be revisited in 2014
Bills “held on suspense” are generally held on the suspense file due to budgetary concerns, before the adoption of the Budget Bill and just before the summer recess.

CA SBX 1-2 Health care coverage.  (2013-2014)