CaliforniaChoice just announced a bonus opportunity for brokers in Q1 2018. All new CaliforniaChoice groups with January, February and March effective dates qualify brokers for $50 per employee on all groups with a minimum of 5 employees.

Earn $50 Per Employee
Group Size Bonus
5 employees $250
10 employees $500
25 employees $1,250
50 employees $2,500
75 employees $3,750
100 employees $5,000

Bonus Rules:

  • Bonus is payable for new CaliforniaChoice groups with a January, February, or March 2018 effective date
  • Bonus is $50 per employee, per group for new CaliforniaChoice groups with a minimum of 5 employees enrolled in medical
  • Group must stay active with CaliforniaChoice for at least one year
  • Maximum one-time payout of $5,000 per group
  • Business written through a partnering General Agency also qualifies

For any questions, please contact your LISI Regional Sales Manager.

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