CA Healthcare Legislation

The IRS Has Begun the Collection Process Under ACA §4980H Employer Shared Responsibility (Employer Mandate) Rules

The IRS has begun sending letters (Letter 226J) to employers who it believes owe a penalty under the ACA §4980H employer shared responsibility rules for benefits provided in 2015. We believe that many of the proposed IRS assessments are due to employer reporting errors, not actual violations of §4980H requirements. If your brokers’ clients receive […]

General News

President Trump Signs Executive Order Permitting the Creation of “Association” Health Plans

Issue Date: October 2017 President Trump has signed an executive order instructing regulatory agencies to draft new rules permitting the creation of “association” health plans, expanding Health Reimbursement Accounts (HRAs), and extending the time for which coverage can be offered under short-term health insurance policies. It is important to note that the executive order only […]

CA Healthcare Legislation

Employer Reporting – 2017 Draft Forms and Instructions

Issue Date: September 2016 The IRS released the 2017 draft forms and instructions for the ACA employer reporting requirement. The 2017 draft forms and instructions are very similar to those used for 2016. Given that they have only minor changes throughout along with a few clarifications of existing requirements, the most significant change is the […]

CA Healthcare Legislation

Assembly Bill No. 72 – Putting a Stop to ‘Surprise Medical Bills’

When you share a list of in-network hospitals in a health plan’s network with your client, the assumption is that the member will be treated by doctors who are in-network and also accept their insurance. It is logical to assume that a plan’s in-network hospital contracts with the doctors that work inside them. Unfortunately, many […]