Health Net is hosting a New Sales Bonus Program to reward brokers for new business from October 1, 2017 through January 1, 2018. Earn up to $150 per enrolled subscriber! See chart below for reward tiers:

Number of Subscribers Bonus per Subscriber
10-25 $25
26-50 $50
51-75 $75
76-149 $100
150+ $150
Guideline Highlights
  • Employees must be actively enrolled with Health Net through the end of the broker bonus period.
  • New Small Business Group subscribers/primary insureds must share the same effective date as the employer group’s original Health Net effective date (i.e., if an employer group’s effective date is 10/1/17, then the new subscribers/primary insureds must also have an effective date of 10/1/17).
  • The bonus is based on the number of employees on Health Net’s medical plan. The broker bonus program is not applicable to other lines of coverage.
  • Brokers must be contracted with Health Net and be the broker of record. Broker payout will be made within 75 days of January 31, 2018 via 1099s and 5500s.

For a complete list of rules and regulations, click here.

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