July 20, 2016

Health Net has released a medical rate update for Q4 2016. There are no rate changes at this time to dental, vision, life or the optional chiropractic rider. The statewide average changes are below:

  • Full HMO and WholeCare HMO – 3.7%
  • SmartCare HMO and Salud HMO – 5.9%
  • CommunityCare HMO 7.2%
  • PureCare HSP 13%
  • PPO and EPO Rate pass


Health Net is offering a limited time promotion for your 12/1 small group book of business. Many small groups currently renew with a December 1st. effective date due to early renewal programs. This has created a very busy December for everyone. Health Net has a plan to get your business off the 12/1 treadmill. Read more.

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