Covered California announced the release of a new broker bonus program for new group submissions of 51-100 employees. This program is available for October 1, 2016 through January 1, 2017 effective dates. Brokers who enroll a group of 51-100 employees will receive a bonus of $50 per member up to $7,000 per group.

In addition, brokers can also earn an additional production incentive bonus of up to $25,000 by meeting a total member count.



Program Guidelines:

  • Groups must enroll in Covered California for Small Business (CCSB) with initial effective date of 10/1/16 through 1/1/17 (“incentive period”).
  • Subscriber and member counts are based on medical enrollment at time of initial CCSB group effective date.
  • Incentive in addition to standard commission and applies to new to CCSB groups only.
  • Business written through partnering General Agencies qualifies.
  • Eligible CCSB groups must remain in good payment standing 90 days after initial effective date.
  • Incentive program available to all Certified Insurance Agents in good standing and must remain Agent of Record from initial enrollment through 90-day qualification period.
  • All groups new to CCSB with initial membership of 1-100 meeting program rules stated above counts toward cumulative incentive opportunity.
  • All groups new to CCSB with 51-100 FTEs enrolled in medical coverage at initial effective date qualify for $50 per member enrolled incentive with maximum incentive of $7,000 per group.
  • Incentive payments will be reported on Forms 1099 and 5500 and as otherwise required by law, including reporting required by California AB 2589.
  • Agents shall disclose to client(s) all compensation earned in compliance with legal requirements.
  • Covered California for Small Business reserves the right to cancel and/or modify incentive programs at any time.


Contact your LISI Sales Representative or local office for more information.

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